Academic rules

The students taking admission in Sharad Institute of technology, Polytechnic Yadrav should abide by the rules mentioned below.


  1. The required documents should be submitted as and when required.
  2. Each student shall conduct herself/himself, both within and outside the campus of the Institute in a manner befitting a student of a prestigious institute. Each student shall show due respect and courtesy to the teachers, administrators, staff of the Institute, and to the visitors of the Institute, and good behavior to fellow students.
  3. Any act of indiscipline of a student reported to the Dean, Student affairs, shall be discussed in a Disciplinary Action Committee of the institute. The Committee shall enquire into the charges and recommend suitable punishment if the charges are substantiated
  4. Lack of courtesy and decorum; unbecoming conduct within and outside the Institute; willful damage to Institute property, removal of any property belonging to the Institute, fellow students or other personnel of the Institute; use of abusive and offensive language;  will not be allowed and it is considered as  violation of the code of conduct.
  5. If a student is found guilty of malpractice in examinations then he/she shall be punished as per the rules of M.S.B.T.E
  6. Students are prohibited to take part in ragging, political activity or any activity which is detrimental to the dignity of the institute. Any student found violating the rule or bringing disrepute to the institute will be expelled from the institute.
  7. If a student is involved in any kind of ragging, the student shall be liable for strict action as per Maharashtra anti-ragging act 1999, which is in effect from 15th May 1999.
  8. Students are required to be dressed in the college uniform on the days fixed and to be neatly and decently dressed on the other days of the week when in campus.
  9. All the students must carry I-card everyday to college and shall show the same on demand by any faculty/official of the Institute.
  10. Any student who alters or intentionally mutilates an ID card or who uses the ID card of another student or allows his/her ID card to be used by another, student shall be subjected to disciplinary action.
  11. The students should not involve in any activity such as common off. If they are found to be involved in common off, are liable to disciplinary action.
  12. Use of cell phones is strictly prohibited in all academic areas of the campus. Use of cell phones would entail confiscation of the handset. It would be returned only when students will report at the institute with his/her parent.
  13. Late arrival and early departure at or from a class are recorded as absence from the class. Students are not allowed to leave the institute during working hours without the written permission of the HOD / class in charge.
  14. Students will not operate any machinery / equipment without the permission of the instructor.
  15. It is herby instructed to all students to handle Laboratory Equipments, Machines and Computers in the institute with proper care.
  16. It is advised to all students to use internet facility to the maximum extent ethically. The library facilities shall be properly used without violation of rules and regulations of  Library.
  17. No responsibility will be accepted by the institute for any injury, loss or damage to the personal articles of students.
  18. It is compulsory for the students to attend functions /activities organized by the institute on various occasions like Independence Day, Republic Day, Annual Day, etc whether the function falls on a working day or on holidays. Absence from such functions without valid reasons will invite disciplinary action.
  19. The students will compensate damage to institute property/furniture caused by neglect or willful damage. Defacing the walls or institute property will be viewed seriously.
  20. Students must pay their fee/dues on or before the prescribed deadline. Student once admitted in the institute shall follow instructions issued from time to time
  21. All applications must be addressed to the Principal through proper channel.
  22. The Principal reserves the right to modify any of the Institute rules as and when necessary.